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Before deciding on starting to show your dogs please "LISTEN" I was advised by many but listened to few.To remain popoular in the show world you must "LOSE" as from the day you start winning the oil-stones pop out and the daggers are sharpened .

Please don't be totally put off as this was never my intention but you could save yourself a lot of heartache if you simply follow some proven proverbs of the show world "Beware Of The Smiling Cat As He Is Sure To Scrape You" & " You Will Have Few True Friends In Your Own Breed" . I can at this moment hear the phones Buzzing away and people saying who is he talking about but ironocially you will be astonished when its people straight in front of you who have amazingly lost their memories when the mist of JEALOUSLY absorbs them . Enjoy your "Dogs" and try to enjoy your day because if you don't somebody will definetly try to spoil it for you.

Exhibitors in the show world have an amazing ability of wearing many faces , as the situation arises they change the face . I once heard people stating , that breeding and making up Champions ,was not bettering the breed . My view on it is, I bet if it was any of their dogs that they bred or made up you would never hear the end of it ."You can keep away from the rogues in life but you cannot keep yourself safe from the liar's"

I would like to apologise to people who when i first started i automatically became a "sheep" and followed the flock and found myself giving out about ya man or ya one who was doing all the winning , its only when you become ya man or ya woman that you feel the blunt ! of silly little people who have to de-face you or your dog to seek some self assurance.

Showing Dogs I have to honestly say is our labour of love ,we show all over Ireland and try to support all the shows , our two smallest kid's have been to more shows in the last couple of years than most of the so called doggie people have been to , in the last twenty years.It's not all that bad really and i hope not to turn anybody away from showing as there is some really true people out there in the show faterinity that will openly help you for NO SELF GAIN .No matter what breed you have always take it with you that whatever happens at the show , whether you win or lose , the fella at the bottom of the lead who was your best mate that morning is still your best mate !.

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